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Struck By Lightning - Testimony of Dr. Gloria Polo


A truly astounding death experience during which Dr. Polo saw her entire life, her sins, her failures and successes, her eternal destination, and was given detailed glimpses of Heaven, purgatory,...

The Afterlife: Purgatory and Heaven Explained - Fr. Dolindo Ruotolo


Fr. Dolindo Ruotolo’s Surrender Prayer brought understanding and peace to countless souls amid the turbulence of the last century. Now, in our age of incomparable uncertainty, this miracle-worker and visionary...

The Dogma of Hell - F. X. Schouppe


The eminent theologian recounts numerous true stories that reinforce Catholic doctrine and the belief in the netherworld -- a frightening but sobering subject presented not in a way meant to...

The Holy Souls "Viva Padre Pio" - Fr. Alessio Parente O.F.M. Cap


"Padre Pio describes in great detail just what the Holy Souls go through on their journey and time in Purgatory and also what they must finish during their time there...

The Letter from Beyond


An astonishing alleged revelation whereby a woman in hell writes a letter received in a dream by a nun, explaining what happened when she died, how hell is, and what...

The Other Side - Michael H. Brown


A faith-filled and journalistic look at what happens when we die -- including in-depth descriptions of death, the parting of the soul, 'judgment,' transition to the other side of the...

The Secrets of Purgatory by Berthold Fries, S.V.D.


Published in 1958 as an anonymous revelation, there are tremendous insights into purgatory and how to prepare for the afterlife -- the tenor of humility, the way of viewing Christ,...

The Truth About Purgatory And the Means to Avoid It - Fr. Martin Jugie


Many books on Purgatory reflect upon what you can do to help the Holy Souls suffering there. But this informative and reassuring book offers practical tips on what you can...



The end of the world is an unmistakable focus of Christ’s teaching. Yet contemporary Catholic preaching ignores it, leaving it almost exclusively to Protestants and to the growing number of...

Thirty Day Devotions for the Holy Souls - Susan Tassone


Another highly valuable book of prayers and novenas that offers a powerful method of praying for departed family and friends. Touching and exquisite devotions will surely elevate your soul while...

Unpublished Manuscript


Highly, highly recommended!Revelations from a deceased nun in the 18th century to a living nun about purgatory -- what's it like, its levels and sufferings, astonishing and credible detail. Imprimatur....

Visions Of Purgatory - A Private Revelation - Anonymous


Visions of Purgatory offers a surprisingly sober and clear account of purgatory that offers more consolation than fear before this great mystery of God’s mercy. Translated from French, the text...
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