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The Way of Perfection - St. Teresa of Avila


God will always give us more than we ask forMillions have read and benefited from this book since it was first written nearly 500 years ago. St. Teresa's message of...

The Way of Simple Love: Inspiring Words from St. Therese of Lisieux


“My way is one that is full of confidence and love.” —St. Thérèse of Lisieux Through her autobiography and an extensive collection of letters, St. Thérèse helped people understand nothing...

Time for God - Fr. Jacques Philippe


Many people today are thirsty for God and feel a desire for an intense, personal prayer life that is deep and ongoing. But they encounter obstacles that prevent them from...

Trustful Surrender to Divine Providence - Fr. Jean Baptiste Saint-Jure & Fr. Claude Columbiere


A classic little book that expertly guides you on God's Will in your life, how the Lord controls events, His supreme wisdom, how trials and punishments are blessings, how to...

Uniformity with God's Will - St. Alponsus Liguori


A little booklet that brilliantly explains why many things happen in life and why we were given what we were given, by a major saint who explains the path to...

Visions of the Spiritual World - Sadhu Sundar Singh


Scroll for full description:  Visions of the spiritual world : A Brief Description of the Spiritual Realm, Its Different States of Existence, and the Destiny of Good and Evil Men as...

Vocation to Love: Biography of Venerable Consolata Betrone


The Children of Mary Sisters published this book after reading Jesus' messages to Sr. Consolata Betrone, which pierced their hearts! Jesus gave the messages for the world, such as, “I...

What You Take To Heaven - Michael H. Brown


Author of The Other Side, Brown delves deeply into the concept of the "life review"; how our lives are evaluated upon passing by the Lord and His angels, the way...

When God Happens True Stories of Modern Day Miracles - Angela Hunt and Bill Myers


Miracles still happen. The God who parted the Red Sea and raised people from the dead is no different today than he was in Bible times.Best-selling authors Angela Hunt and...

Wife, Mother, and Mystic - Albert Bessieres, S.J.


The life of an extraordinary mystic named Anna Maria Taigi who has been beatified and whose life and gifts are enthralling. It is said a golden globe appeared to her...



Internationally renowned author, María Vallejo-Nájera, writes in her foreword, “This book is an authentic jewel of God!” Archbishop-Emeritus Ramón C. Argüelles also notes the book's greatness: "I most willingly say,...
Showing 85 - 96 of 96 result
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