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The Contemplative Rosary - With St. John Paul II and St. Teresa of Avila - Connie Rossini and Dan Burke


  St. John Paul II s new way of praying the Rosary was based on the teachings of St. Theresa of Avila and has become known as the Contemplative Rosary...

The Flame of Love - Diary of Elizabeth Kindelmann


The powerful, unique, and Church-approved messages from Jesus and Mary to Hungarian seer/ stigmatist Elizabeth Kindelmann, who won approval of a cardinal and many bishops. Here the Lord and Mary...

The Glories of Mary - St. Alphonsus Liguori


The Glories of Mary, widely regarded as Saint Alphonsus Liguori's finest masterpiece, has for two and a half centuries stood as one of the Catholic Church's greatest expressions of devotion to...

The House of the Virgin Mary - Godfrey E. Phillips


Rev. G.E. Phillips book, The House of the Virgin Mary, is the comprehensive tale of the Holy House in Nazareth, and its miraculous transport to Loreto, Italy a delightful book...

The Last Apparition - Wayne Weible


The bestselling expert on Medjugorje pens a book focusing on the extraordinary phenomena, basic, forgotten elements of its history, and how it portends to change the world. 'What an incredible...

The Last Secret - Michael H. Brown


A look at the apparitions of the Virgin Mary throughout Church history, from the year 40 A.D. to present! You'll be astonished at the number. This is the first comprehensive...
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The Life of Mary as seen by the Mystics - Compiled by Raphael Brown


A masterpiece that combines the visions of four great Catholic mystics into one coherent story on the life of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Based primarily on the famous revelations of...

The Life of the Blessed Virgin Mary - Revelations Anne Catherine Emmerich


The 19th-century stigmatic whose visions form the basis for a major coming movie and whose supernatural insights of the Virgin led to discovery of the house in Ephesus where she...

The Marian Option: God's Solution to a Civilization Crisis - Dr. Carrie Gress


As the world descends into chaos, Christians are thinking deeply about how to stem the tide. Many options and suggestions have been presented to deal with Christian persecution and cultural...

The Queen's Triumph - Family Healing Prayer Book - Susan Skinner, Ashley Blackburn


 The Queen's Triumph - Family Healing Prayer Book,  has been written to teach people how to pray, and how to approach prayer with an intentional understanding of our relationship with each...

The Rosary Heals: Untold Stories of Jesus - Fr. Robert DeGrandis and Eugene Koshenina


A dynamic compendium that shows how the accounts of the life of Jesus can bring a spiritual force into our lives by meditating on the Joyful, Luminous, Sorrowful, and Glorious...

The Rosary is the Answer - Fr. Herbert Burke


An anointed discussion of aspects of the Rosary we don't usually think about, with new insights on its connection to virtues, deliverance, events in our lives, and events in the...
Showing 49 - 60 of 64 result
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