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The Rosary Heals: Untold Stories of Jesus - Fr. Robert DeGrandis and Eugene Koshenina


A dynamic compendium that shows how the accounts of the life of Jesus can bring a spiritual force into our lives by meditating on the Joyful, Luminous, Sorrowful, and Glorious...

Chosen to Heal - Laura Wright


Many people today think and act like the signs and wonders of Jesus' time on Earth are over. But the six gifted U.S. Catholics profiled in this book show us...

Healing Power for the Heart - Robert Abel


In this book, Robert Abel will show you how to establish a deeper and more passionate relationship with Jesus. The spiritual exercises on these life-giving pages have the power to...

Healing through the Rosary CD - Fr. Robert DeGrandis with Cecilia Kittley


"Stories, Songs & Prayers"2CDs, more music with "Ave Maria"Fr. Robert DeGrandis,. S.S.J. and Cecilia KittleyAudio 2CDsTwo CDs with music that includes the "Ave Maria. Fr. DeGrandis is a member of...

The Practice of Healing Prayer - Francis MacNutt


A packed, powerful book outlining the role of healing-deliverance in the Church from ancient times to now and how miracles are actually effected -- the way to pray with the...
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Healing is for You - Maria Vadia


Good News! If you are a child of God, healing is for you, because it's part of the inheritance that Jesus won for you on Calvary. On the Cross Jesus...

Let Food Be Your Medicine - Don Colbert, M.D.


Most of us think God is not concerned with what we eat, but the Bible actually offers great insight and instruction about the effects of food on our bodies. Dr....

Sing and Pray for Healing CD - Fr. Robert DeGrandis with Cecilia Kittley


A powerful and popular CD of healing using music and a guide for prayers that effect emotional, intellectual spiritual, relational, and physical healing -- including how to heal through the...

Overcoming Blocks to Healing - Bill Banks


One of the best books on the modern day healing ministry of Jesus Christ... With more than forty years of conducting healing services, including the challenge of daily one-on-one prayer...

Prayers For Healing and Good Health Honoring St. Padre Pio


Our favorite, illustrated prayer book Prayers for Healing and Good Health is back and better than ever! Now including a 3rd class relic of Padre Pio on a flap inside...

Rooted in Jesus: Healing Generational Defects - Patricia A. McLaughlin


Rooted in Jesus describes a comprehensive Christ-centered solution for insoluble family problems. Generational healing relies upon the Father's love and compassion, and the power of our Savior Jesus Christ to...

Healing Through the Mass - Revised/Expanded - Fr. Robert DeGrandis, S.S.J.


Has your participation at Mass become automated? Do you desire to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of the Eucharist? Father DeGrandis, S.S.J., has done a marvelous service to every...
Showing 13 - 24 of 25 result
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