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Saint Joseph - A Man For All Seasons - Fr. Alfons Maria Weigl


Amazing stories, past and present, which will inspire you to look to St. Joseph for help and guidance in all situations! 124 pages, paperback



Internationally renowned author, María Vallejo-Nájera, writes in her foreword, “This book is an authentic jewel of God!” Archbishop-Emeritus Ramón C. Argüelles also notes the book's greatness: "I most willingly say,...

Jesus Speaks to Faustina and You - Susan Tassone


In her celebrated 700-page spiritual Diary, St. Faustina Kowalska (1905-1938) tells of her many visions of Jesus and her conversations with Him. For years now, best-selling and award-winning author Susan...

Revelation From Heaven - A True Account of Death And The Afterlife - Randy Kay


What was it like to be face to face with Jesus?What does Heaven look like?And what did Randy Kay learn from his afterlife encounter?As a human development researcher, medical advisor,...

The Rosary: Spiritual Sword of Our Lady - DVD - Fr. Donald Calloway


In this innovative presentation, Fr. Donald Calloway, MIC, Emmy Award winning and bestselling author of Champions of the Rosary: The History and Heroes of a Spiritual Weapon, explains the power...

10 Wonders of the Rosary - Fr. Donald H. Calloway, MIC


Scroll below for full description:  Called "the New Testament on a string of beads," the Rosary is presented by famed Mariologist Fr. Donald Calloway, MIC, in all its wonder: leading...

Guardian Angels - Joan Wester Anderson


These remarkable stories of answered prayers remind us that we are never alone   In this inspiring collection, the work of angels takes many forms, including miracles, healings, and heavenly...

Chants of Mary - Gloriae Dei Cantores


Gregorian Chant transcends the stresses of daily life and revives the tired and wearied soul. The Chants of Mary brings together the chants of love and devotion to Mary, the...

Break Open Your Wells - Maria Vadia


Another anointed, Spirit-led book of surprising insights on how best we open the reserves of grace, joy, and healing that are within us -- how we can fully utilize the...

The Eight Doors of the Kingdom by Fr. Jacques Philippe


The Gospel of St. Matthew Shares with us astonishing words of Jesus: a promise of everlasting happiness, far removed from the usual recipes for gratification.Blessed are the poor in spirit!...

The Boy Who Met Jesus - Immaculee Ilibagiza


His name was Segatashya. He was a shepherd born into a penniless and illiterate pagan family in the most remote region of Rwanda. He never attended school, never saw a...
Showing 37 - 48 of 116 result
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