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BUY ONE, GET ONE HALF OFF! An Exorcist Explains the Demonic - Fr. Gabriele Amorth


From Fr. Gabriel Amorth, the renowned exorcist in Rome, comes this powerful, eye-opening book on the deadly antics of Satan and his fallen angels, as well as spiritual remedies for...

Catechism of Mental Prayer - Very Rev. Joseph Simler


This booklet clearly explains what mental prayer or "meditation" is and how to do it.  Whereas larger books about this topic fail, this booklet succeeds in helping to seek a...

Catechism of the Spiritual Life - Cardinal Robert Sarah


In this dynamic and authoritative book on the spiritual life, Cardinal Robert Sarah shows us how to enter into and progress through the spiritual life. He notes that the goal...

Chain-Breaker: Freedom Through Deliverance From Evil Spirits - Allan M. Weilert, M.I.S., D.C.


Chain-Breaker: Freedom Through Deliverance from Evil Spirits by Dr. Allan Weilert traces the origins of contemporary deliverance ministry to charismatic renewal, establishing its place as an integral dimension of healing...

Champions of the Rosary - Donald H. Calloway, MIC


In Champions of the Rosary, Fr. Calloway has written what is probably the most comprehensive book ever published on the rosary. The author deftly negotiates the complexities of the story of...

Chants of Mary - Gloriae Dei Cantores


Gregorian Chant transcends the stresses of daily life and revives the tired and wearied soul. The Chants of Mary brings together the chants of love and devotion to Mary, the...



The St. Michael Chaplet is a devotion to honor St. Michael the archangel. Originating in 1751 in Portugal. The chaplet has nine salutations honoring each of the nine choirs of...

Chosen to Heal - Laura Wright


Many people today think and act like the signs and wonders of Jesus' time on Earth are over. But the six gifted U.S. Catholics profiled in this book show us...

Christ and the Powers of Darkness - J. Godfrey Raupert


Make no mistake about it: the father of lies is waging a war against your soul. At the end of your life, it will be either he who has won...

Come Holy Spirit - Don Dolindo Ruotolo


This volume of the writings of Don Dolindo was first published in 1949 and republished in 1985. It is an explanation of the role of the Holy Spirit in our...

Confession: It's Fruitful Practice - Adoration


This wonderful and practical little book explains clearly and thoroughly how to make a good Confession but in much greater detail than covered in most catechisms. It includes an examination...
Showing 61 - 72 of 574 result
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