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These pages bring you a beautiful collection of spiritual treasures drawn from the celebrated Diary of Catholic visionary and mystic, St. Faustina Kowalska (1905-1938).Arranged by an award-winning and best-selling Catholic...



Day by Day with St. Joseph from Catholic Book Publishing is a vital addition to the Spiritual Life Series. Sized for easy reading and transport, this inspiring book brings the...

Deep Mysteries of the Blood - Ebenezer Gabriels and Abigail Gabriels


The lasting impact of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus is displayed by the power in the blood of Jesus. Life primarily resides in the blood, and many spiritual...

Defeating the Devil DVD - Exorcists Tell Their Story


  Never has the devil, demonic possession and exorcism been so widely discussed as it is today. And yet, few satisfactory explanations are proffered. This powerful film describes the origin...

Defend Us In Battle - Marge Steinhage Fenelon


Available June 1 The times are tough -- we need the help of St. Michael and all the holy angels more than ever! Award-winning author Marge Steinhage Fenelon has written...

Deliverance from Evil Spirits - Francis MacNutt


Based on four decades of international healing and deliverance ministry, this practical manual is an invaluable tool for pastors, counselors and lay ministers.Comprehensive and biblical, it answers the important questions...
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Deliverance Prayers For Use By the Laity - Fr. Chad Ripperger


Prayers for use by the laity in waging spiritual warfare from the public domain and the Church's treasury! "Highly recommended book for families struggling with generational spiritual problems, as Father...

Demoniac - Nathan Krupa


Nathan Krupa didn't believe in demons. In fact, he didn't believe in much of anything. Everything seemed to be going great. Working in Hollywood, starting a business, living the dream....

Demonic Foes: My Twenty-Five Years as a Psychiatrist Investigating Possessions, Diabolic Attacks, and the Paranormal - Richard Gallagher, M.D.


Successful New York psychiatrist Richard Gallagher was skeptical yet intrigued when a hard-nosed, no-nonsense Catholic priest asked him to examine a woman for a possible exorcism. Meeting her, Gallagher was...

Demons, Deliverance and Discernment - Fr. Mike Driscoll


What are these evil spirits we call demons? How can we recognize when and how they are influencing us? And most importantly, how do we fight back? In Demons, Deliverance,...

Demons: The Answer Book - Lester Sumrall


From the Scriptures, Lester Sumrall shows that we can wage war on the devil and that we can win through the power given to us by Jesus Christ!In this book,...

Devil in the Castle: St. Teresa of Avila, Spiritual Warfare and the Progress of the Soul - Dan Burke


We often think of demons appearing only in extravagant and extraordinary manifestations or working only through “bad” people. But the truth is more frightening than that. Most demonic activity takes...
Showing 85 - 96 of 579 result
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