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An Exorcist Speaks - Msgr. Milivoj Bolobanic


A new concise insight into why possession occurs and what we must be on the alert for by the exorcist for the archdiocese of Zadar, Croatia: the family tree, emotional-spiritual...

An Exorcist Tells His Story - Rev. Gabriele Amorth


Rome's chief exorcist doing battle with Satan, allowing the reader to witness what an exorcist sees and does. This gripping story, a European best-seller, is the most thorough work available...

An Exorcist, More Stories - Rev. Gabriele Amorth


The official Rome exorcist and bestselling author of An Exorcist Tells His Story, returns with more examples of how demons manifest. Fr. Amorth, who has observed the case of a...

An Hour with Jesus - Volume 1


This booklet was designed to enhance your time spent with Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament. It includes a prayer format to use in Adoration with rosary meditations, prayers and spontaneous...

Angel Armies - Releasing the Warriors of Heaven - Tim Sheets


The world is curious about angels! Pop culture places great emphasis on these invisible beings, nearly idolizing them. But, have you ever wondered: What do angels do and how do their...

Angels All Around Us - Anthony DeStefano


A highly readable, fascinating look at the working of the 'invisible world' that surrounds all of us: angels, demons. Forces of light. Struggles with darkness -- using actual experiences as...

Angels and Devils - Joan Carroll Cruz


The most thorough book about the Angels yet written! Here, bestselling author Joan Carroll Cruz expounds upon the traditional definitions and delineations of the Angels and Devils, asking and answering...

Angels, Miracles and Heavenly Encounters - James Stuart Bell


An amazing, inspiring collection of true and truly phenomenal accounts from those who in some way have had experiences with the supernatural, eyewitnesses to God's endless power even here in...

Anneliese Michel: A True Story of a Case of Demonic Possession - Fr. Jose Antonio Fortea And Lawrence E LeBlanc


On March 30, 1978, the trial began in the district court of Aschaffenburg Germany, of Josef and Anna Michel and Father Arnold Renz and Father Ernst Alt. The four were...

Authority in Three Worlds - Charles Capps


God has restored your authority in the earth through Jesus and given you back that which satan stole from Adam in the garden.  The name of Jesus gives you authority...



NEW YORK TIMES Best-Selling Author From the author that brought you 6 New York Times best-selling books including The Harbinger, The Book of Mysteries, The Oracle and The Harbinger IIIs it possible that behind what is...

Beautiful Holiness: A Spiritual Journey with Blessed Conchita - Kathleen Beckman


This saintly Mexican wife and mother of nine children experienced a “mystical life...comparable to that of St. Teresa of Ávila,” according to Cardinal Raniero Cantalamessa, preacher of the Papal Household....
Showing 49 - 60 of 641 result
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